29 May

Shamanic Drumming with Neil Perry-Timson, Founder of The Zen Rooms

Hosted by: Neil Perry-Timson


Journey to Your Inner Rhythm

Shamanic Drumming with Neil Perry-Timson, May 29th

Embark on a spiritual voyage with the Shamanic Drumming Event, a powerful session designed to connect you with the ancient rhythms of the earth and the depths of your soul. Hosted at the scenic Goosebarn in Falmouth, this event invites you on May 29th to explore your inner landscape through the primal beat of the drum.

The Power of Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic drumming is more than just music; it’s a transformative journey that taps into the deepest wells of your spiritual essence. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore shamanic practices that have been used for millennia to induce deep meditation, journeying, and healing. Under the guidance of Neil Perry-Timson, participants will experience the grounding and connecting power of the drum, fostering a profound sense of unity with the natural world and their own inner wisdom.


Shamanic Druming

Shamanic drumming


A Day of Transformation and Healing

Colour, Light, and Sound Bath

Enhance your day of spiritual exploration by joining the Colour Light and Sound Bath with Neil Perry-Timson, This separately charged event, scheduled on the same transformative day, uses the synergistic power of colour, light, and sound to create a healing sanctuary that soothes the soul, uplifts the spirit, and rejuvenates the body. Participation in this event offers a harmonious balance to the grounding experience of shamanic drumming, providing a full spectrum of sensory and spiritual nourishment.

Reiki Level One Attunement

Start your journey with the foundational Reiki Level One Attunement with Neil Perry-Timson,  before the Colour, Light, and Sound Bath. This separately charged session invites you into the world of Reiki, teaching you to harness universal energy for healing and personal growth. It’s a perfect primer for the day’s events, preparing you to fully embrace the healing vibrations of both the sound bath and shamanic drumming.

Embrace the Journey

May 29th at the Goosebarn in Falmouth is set to be a day of deep spiritual awakening, with each session thoughtfully designed to guide you through an exploration of self and spirit. Engage with our curated experiences to craft a day that speaks to your soul’s journey.


Discover the healing and transformative power of sound with our Shamanic Drumming Event, and consider enhancing your experience by participating in the Colour, Light, and Sound Bath and the Reiki Level One Attunement. Each event promises to add depth and richness to your spiritual quest, offering pathways to healing, connection, and self-discovery.


Join us for an event that calls to you, or immerse yourself fully in the day’s offerings. Your journey to inner peace and spiritual awakening begins here.



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