29 May

Reiki Level One Attunement with Neil Perry-Timson, Founder of The Zen Rooms

Hosted by: Neil Perry-Timson



Begin Your Journey of Harmony and Healing

Reiki Level One Attunement with Neil Perry-Timson – May 29th

Step into the serene world of Reiki on a transformative day dedicated to your spiritual and physical balance. Join us for the Reiki Level One Attunement Event, gracefully led by Neil Perry-Timson, the visionary behind The Zen Rooms. Hosted in the peaceful surrounds of the Goosebarn in Falmouth, this event is your gateway to discovering the profound healing powers of Reiki, a revered Japanese technique for relaxation and healing that promotes both spiritual and physical wellness.

The Foundations of Reiki

Reiki Level One opens the door to the art of energy healing, focusing on self-healing and laying the groundwork for healing others. Under the expert guidance of Neil, you will explore the core principles and practices of Reiki, including its history, the chakra energy system, and hands-on healing techniques. This session is designed to awaken your intrinsic healing capabilities, allowing you to channel life force energy to enhance your own wellbeing and that of those around you.

The Journey Through Reiki: Levels One to Three

Reiki, is traditionally divided into three main levels, each offering a deeper exploration and understanding of this profound practice. Here’s a brief overview of the journey from Level One to Three:



Level One: The Awakening

Reiki Level One, often referred to as the initiation, focuses on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands. This level is primarily about self-healing, encouraging practitioners to perform Reiki on themselves, thereby working through their own obstacles. Participants learn the history of Reiki, basic hand positions for self-treatment and treating others, and the foundational principles that guide Reiki practice.

Level Two: The Deepening

In Reiki Level Two, practitioners deepen their connection to the universal energy and learn how to send Reiki across time and space. This level introduces the sacred Reiki symbols and their meanings, which are used to enhance the healing energy, perform distant healings, and focus on mental and emotional healing. Practitioners are encouraged to begin practising on others, applying the techniques learned to help heal family, friends, and clients.

Level Three: The Mastery

Reiki Level Three is often considered the master level. Practitioners are taught the master symbol, which significantly amplifies their ability to channel energy. This level is split into two parts: Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. As a Master Practitioner, one deepens one’s personal and spiritual growth and further enhances one’s healing abilities. The Master Teacher part prepares practitioners to teach and attune others to Reiki, passing on the teachings and practices of this healing art.

Each level of Reiki offers a unique blend of teachings and experiences, guiding practitioners on a journey of personal growth, healing, and eventual mastery of the art. With each step, individuals deepen their connection to the universal life force, expanding their ability to heal themselves and others while fostering a profound sense of spiritual connection and purpose.

Explore Additional Healing Experiences

Colour, Light, and Sound Bath

Further your exploration of healing practices by joining the colour light and sound bath later in the day. This separately charged event is a sanctuary of vibrational healing that combines the therapeutic properties of colour, light, and sound. It offers a complementary experience to your Reiki journey, enriching your path to wellness with a unique sensory experience designed to soothe, uplift, and rejuvenate.

Shamanic Drumming

Conclude your transformative day with our shamanic drumming workshop, a powerful session that connects you to the earth’s ancient rhythms; offered as a separately charged event. This experience deepens your spiritual exploration, grounding the day’s learnings and experiences in the primal vibrations of shamanic drumming.

Dive Deeper into Reiki

To gain further insights into Reiki and its capacity to harmonise and heal, we warmly invite you to read our blog, Reiki Healing: Uncover the Secret to Spiritual and Physical Balance Today! This resource offers an in-depth look at Reiki, enriching your understanding and appreciation of this healing art and how it can contribute to your journey toward balance and wellness.

By undergoing your Reiki Attunement with The Zen Rooms, you get free subscription to The Zen Rooms National Reiki Network


May 29th at the Goosebarn in Falmouth promises a day filled with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. The Reiki Level One Attunement marks the beginning of your healing journey. We encourage you to consider the full array of experiences available, keeping in mind that the Colour, Light, and Sound Bath and the Shamanic Drumming sessions are charged separately, allowing you to tailor your day to your healing path.


Embrace the transformative power of Reiki and join us on a journey to a more balanced and harmonious life. Your adventure in healing starts here.


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