13 Jul

Colour Light and Sound Bath with Neil Perry-Timson, Selston, 13th July

Hosted by: Neil Perry-Timson


Dive into a World of Sensory Enchantment

Colour, Light, and Sound Bath at Selston Parish Hall, Saturday 13th July


Welcome to an unparalleled sensory journey at the Colour, Light, and Sound Bath Event, hosted Selston Parish Hall. Presented by Neil Perry-Timson of The Zen Rooms on a day designed for transformation—13th July—this event promises an unforgettable exploration into the harmonious blend of colour, light, and sound. Crafted to awaken the senses, nurture the soul, and uplift the spirit, it offers a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation.


A Sanctuary of Color, light and Sound

This exclusive gathering opens the doors to the therapeutic wonders of colour, light and sound therapy. Step into a space bathed in a kaleidoscope of colours, each hue was chosen for its deeply emotional and psychological healing properties. This visual feast is paired with a sound bath, where the healing vibrations of precisely tuned instruments resonate with your body’s energy centres, promoting a state of deep relaxation and connection.


Additional Sessions for Spiritual Awakening

Reiki Level One Attunement

Begin your transformative day with the Reiki Level One Attunement with Neil Perry-Timson, Founder of The Zen Rooms This session, available separately, provides an intimate setting to connect with your inner self and unlock the first gateways to the ancient art of Reiki, setting the stage for a day of profound self-discovery and healing.

Embrace the Journey

For those curious about the benefits of sound bath therapy, we encourage a visit to our blog, “Sonic Bliss Awaits: Discover the Magic of Sound Bath Therapy” as a prelude to your day of transformation.

Join us for a singular event, or immerse yourself fully in the day’s offerings. Your path to renewal and discovery awaits.


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Neil Perry-Timson


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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Saturday, July 13, 2024
Parish Hall, Mansfield Road, Selston, Nottingham, UK Get Direction
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