01 Jun

Yoga with Una – Colour, Light and Sound Bath with Neil

Hosted by: Neil Perry-Timson


Yoga with Una, Colour Light & Sound with Neil

Join us for an extraordinary wellness experience where the transformative power of yoga meets the immersive tranquillity of a sound bath. Led by the talented Una, you’ll first flow through a rejuvenating yoga session, setting the stage for deep relaxation. Following Una’s guidance, Neil will envelop you in a captivating sound bath enhanced with mesmerising colour and light therapy. This seamless blend of movement and meditative sound promises to elevate your spirit, soothe your mind, and harmonise your body. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage in a holistic journey of peace and rejuvenation. Reserve your spot for a truly synergistic blend of yoga and sound therapy.

Early Bird Price  £30 until 1st May, then £35


Sound Bath and Yoga: Book Now


Attendees (1)

Neil Perry-Timson


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